Steam-cooked chicken

Natural proportion /Legmeat / Breast or Fillet / Fillet Tenderloin.

Water boiled hand-picked hen or rooster

Multiple possiblities: Organic / Halal / Vacuum fresh / IQF / Marinated / Shredded /…

For meal manufacturers: soups / sauces / broths / Fund in powder, paste or liquid

Meat flavours / fish and shellfish flavours / spice flavours / cheese flavours / vegetable flavours / butter flavours

Chicken or Hen broth from the cooking kettle // Chicken or Hen fat from the cooking kettle

Specialty: customized and clean label.

Steam-cooked roasted or roasted chicken hen or rooster

Natural proportion / Legmeat / Breast or Fillet / Fillet tenderloin.

Frozen meats and toppings: For hamburgers / wraps / pizza / pasta /

(Halal poultry) Streaky bacon flakes for bacon cheese fries

Frysteamed Chicken. Wings / Tulips / Leg / Fillet/ Breast / Fillet tenderloin / Skewers

Special products: Marinated chicken steak (like beefsteak) / chickens chips / minute steaks /mini steaks.

Nature / Marinated /clean label.

Fried Chicken: In breadcrumbs or crispy batter.

Crispy, Crunchy, Breaded, Battered, Southern fried, Peri peri, Hot & spicy.

Chicken fillet, tenders, strips, rabbits, bites, wings, drumstick, bolts, thighs,…

Chicken products made from poultry meat or chicken breast:

cordon bleus / Corn chicken / Schnitzel / Chicken fillet burgers / Tenders / Bites

Speciality: Corn chicken / chicken nuggets / chicken burgers

Cooked or cooked minced meat products:

Soupballs, meatballs, meatballs, exchange minced meat,…

Fresh or frozen : meal and mini Appetizer spring rolls, kebab and vegetable spring rolls.

Frozen mini cheese spring rolls or cheesefingers.

***** BURGERS * WRAPS * DURUMS *****

Our skewers

Our pork specialties:

Brochettes, Ham, Cervelas, Pulled pork.

Raw chicken and rooster products

Vegetarian and Vegan products.

Crispy or Crunchy Fish filet.



Specialist in tailor-made game products

Call us for game : cooked, fried, minced meat products, …